Name, SSN, and Taxpayer ID Changes

Changes to Legal Information

Legal name changes and birthdate corrections can be completed with the submission of the Legal Name or Birthdate Update Form and the appropriate legal documentation. The completed form and documentation must be submitted to Columbia Central.

If you need to change your social security number, or provide the college with your social security number or your taxpayer identification number, please complete and submit our Social Security Update Form.

Find Forms in the Resource Center

First Name Change - Non-Legal

This section applies to non-legal first name changes only. To process a legal name change, please see Legal Name or Birthdate Update Form.

Students can change their first name at Columbia without legal documentation for most (but not all) campus identification purposes. The systems that can be changed include your email, Canvas, and student portal, which affect class rosters and grade entry. The college does not change a student's legal name, without legal documentation, in any system that is linked to the student's permanent record (i.e., financial aid, billing, or transcripts). These documents will continue to show your legal name.

Please visit the MyColumbia portal to begin the process. Click on "Change My First Name" in the My Profile section of the MyColumbia tab.  You will receive a notification in your portal once your request has been reviewed and processed. After you have been notified of the change, please contact Columbia Central at to request a card with your updated name.

Special Characters in Names and Addresses

Due to the requirements of college-wide systems, Columbia College Chicago uses the standard Latin alphabet when listing student names and addresses on student records, including official transcripts. Names and addresses with special characters will be converted to their Latin alphabetical equivalent. If you have questions or concerns about the way your name is listed, please contact Columbia Central.


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